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Shihan Kevin Funakoshi entrevista en español.


Interview in Spanish for Revista Katana, Mexico City, with Shihan Kevin Funakoshi. 

The essence of Karate Shotokan , Shihan’s really years in Hawai. 

Entrevista en español con Shihan Kevin Funakoshi, la esencia del Karate Do y su vida temprana en Hawai. 




Mexico City Seminar July 2022


Dear Friends and members of the Funakoshi Family Worldwide:

We are proud to announce  Shihan’s Kevin Funakoshi first ever seminar in Mexico City.

The FSKA WORLD will now have a home in Mexico city with our friends from the largest group dedicated to traditional martial arts in México where Shihan Kevin Funakoshi has made a deal for one exclusive seminar once a year starting from July 2022 in Mexico! 

This will be a anual event and wont repeat anywhere else in Mexico to start creating a larger group for our Amigos  who are excited to join our worldwide family.  Also for those of you that speak spanish  the office of will start helping more people to join FSKA WORLD , as members and/or join  tournaments and trips with Shihan Kevin Funakoshi. 

Please direct to for more information about the event, or  email /text: 

+52 55 56735682 

+52 55 5594 6501 

Whatsapp:  + 52 1 55 3707 3821 

All FSKA WORLD  members please use  FSKAWORLD code to get special rates and help with transportation. 

———————————–  ESPAÑOL —————————————————————————


Estimados amigos y miembros de la Familia Funakoshi FSKA WORLD: 

Con mucho gusto les compartimos de la alianza que FSKA WORLD ha creado con 

De ahora en adelante tendremos un seminario anual exclusivo en la ciudad de México (único en el país)  cada año con Shihan Kevin Funakoshi para fomentar la difusión de nuestro camino en ese país. 

Así mismo las oficinas de  ubicadas en Acoxpa 343 , tercer piso Tlalpan CDMX 14370  servirán como enlace para todos aquellos que no dominan el idioma inglés y deseen ser parte de nuestra organización.  Así mismo las personas en México que ya son parte de la FSKA WORLD podrán contar con un lugar de encuentro en su idioma en su país, desde donde estaremos creando más actividades y sorpresas que tenemos para ustedes. 

Para este fin se ha programado una sere de seminarios  en México con Shihan Kevin Funakoshi para que cada año sin falta asista a realizar clases y evaluaciones para todos los interesados, siendo éste un seminario exclusivo en el país de tal forma que todos los miembros y futuros miembros puedan darse cita en la ciudad de México para convivir, aprender e intercambiar conocimientos juntos en un ambiente de fraternidad. 

Esperamos puedan acompañarnos! 

Encontraran toda la información en el siguiente link:

Familia Funakoshi en México





Portugal Seminar 2022


April 9th to 10th  ShiHan Kevin Funakoshi in Portugal 


Saturday : Dia 09 de Abril:            Local: PAVILHÃO SÃO MIGUEL – GUARDA  

Av. Cidade de Salamanca 51, 6300-538 Guarda 

Das 09:30 às 11:00 Horas    Cinto Branco a Cinto Laranja 

Das 11:30 às 13:00 Horas    Cinto Verde a Vermelho 

Das 15:00 às 16:30 Horas    A partir de Cinto Castanho  

Sunday:  Dia 10 Abril       Local: Pavilhão Escola Básica 2, 3 Costa da Caparica, 471, 

Rua de João de Lopes, Costa da Caparica. (final IC20) nos semáfores à Dtª  

Das 10:00 às 11:30 Horas Até Cinto Vermelho (4º Kyu) 

Das 11:45 às 13:30 Horas A partir de Cinto Castanho (3º Kyu) 

 Mobile phone 00351 932525638




Funakoshi Italy Seminar 2022


Shihan Kevin Funakoshi will be in Italy this next April 


2021-2022 Important Announcement: Fees waived for affiliation.


Great to see our World beginning to heal and everyone start to begin the next chapter of our journey.

I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone for my lack of replies due to the uncertainty that the Pandemic has caused. Without knowing the future due to the daily changes caused by this Pandemic, it was very difficult to make any promises and plans for the future. Many of you inquired about affiliation and reassure all inquires were greatly appreciated and FSKA-World would gladly welcome you to join our great FSKA-World Family.

(This is the announcement i wanted to make before opening FSKA-World Affiliations again)

FSKA-World would like to waive all Affiliation fees for 2021. FSKA-World goal is to help in any small way to accelerate the recovery both in health and financial hardships many karatekas and Dojo experienced this past year due to the Pandemic.

*Current Affiliates that renewed their affiliations already will have the fees applied to 2022.

Regards and sincere apology,

Funakoshi Sensei

Potential Affiliates email information to:

FSKA-World USA Other FSKA-World matters email :

Deadline for affiliation fee waiver July 31, 2021 .

2020 Affiliation Form (update)


2020 Affiliation Form (Update)

email to: or fskahouston@gmail if you DO NOT GET a reply in 7 days.

Affiliation “Manual” Form for those having trouble accessing the Google Document form. Email application to

FSKA-World Affiliation Application

*FSKA-World affiliates head instructors with their dojos. All black belt students training at your dojo will fall under your affiliation. If you have students that have their own dojos, they will need to apply for affiliation for their dojos should they choose to do so.

Please answer the following questions as completely as possible:

* Required

1) Email address *

2) Name of Applicant: *

3) Shotokan Rank: *

4) Date of last rank mm/dd/yyyy: *

5) Age: *

6) Dojo Name *

7) Street Address: *

City/State/Province: *

Country: *

Postal/Zip Code: *

8) is your preferred mailing address different than your dojo address? *

9) Name addressed on postage: (your name most likely)

Street address:



Postal/Zip Code

10) Dojo phone number:

11) Cell/Mobile phone number:

12) Website:

13) Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

14) How many dojos/programs do you personally operate? *

15) How many students do you have currently training? *

16) Do you teach karate full-time, or part-time? *

Full time

Part time

17) List your other occupation if you have one. If you have no other occupation, put “N/A.” *

18) How many years have you actively trained in martial arts? *

19) Please list the styles you have trained in, along with the number of years you trained in each style: *

20) Name your past instructors *

21) List past and/or current affiliations along with the number of years you were involved with them (ex.: JKA 22yrs) *

22) List any special training or awards you would like us to consider.

23) Upload photo of you in your gi:

24) Upload a pic of your current rank certificate:

25) How far is your dojo from the nearest international airport?


Funakoshi Sensei

FSKA-World / Funakoshi Karate 2020 affiliation is now Open


AFFILIATION Applications CLICK HERE Please email to verify your email and communication preference.

Funakoshi Karate/ FSKA-World OPEN Affiliation starts today (Gichin Funakoshi Birthday)Affiliation Application and general information.Free to Apply. *Upon acceptance. FIrst Year Affiliation is $125 and renew after is $100. AFFILIATION Applications CLICK HERE

Affiliation is open to the World for 2020 Funakoshi Karate


Affiliation is NOW OPEN to the entire world.

All affiliates that join from Sept 2019 till Dec 2019 will have their 2020 affilate membership renewed at NO CHARGE. I want to have affilation membership on a calendar year cycle.

2020 looks like a huge year for Funakoshi Karate/FSKA-World. My goal is to support all affiliates,counties and Shotokan Karate as a whole.

Feel free to communicate any ideas or needs.


Whatsapp +1 2817663327

Needs for 2020.

STRONG Leaders in each Country.

Strong Hosts (Inquire about hosting a 2020 Championship in your country )

2020 Funakoshi Karate World Championship tournament

2020 Funakoshi Karate European Championships

2020 Funakoshi Karate All Asian Championships

INDIA Affiliation has opened 2019


Affiliations are now being accepted in INDIA


For all affiliation information Funakoshi Karate INDIA / FSKA-World

World first Dan certificates with conterfeit resistant features.