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2021-2022 Important Announcement: Fees waived for affiliation.

Hello, Great to see our World beginning to heal and everyone start to begin the next chapter of our journey. I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone for my lack of replies due to the uncertainty that the Pandemic

2020 Affiliation Form (update)

2020 Affiliation Form (Update) email to: or fskahouston@gmail if you DO NOT GET a reply in 7 days. Affiliation “Manual” Form for those having trouble accessing the Google Document form. Email application to FSKA-World Affiliation Application *FSKA-World affiliates

FSKA-World / Funakoshi Karate 2020 affiliation is now Open

AFFILIATION Applications CLICK HERE Please email to verify your email and communication preference. Funakoshi Karate/ FSKA-World OPEN Affiliation starts today (Gichin Funakoshi Birthday)Affiliation Application and general information.Free to Apply. *Upon acceptance. FIrst Year Affiliation is $125 and renew after

Daily Funakoshi Karate News

Affiliation is open to the World for 2020 Funakoshi Karate

Affiliation is NOW OPEN to the entire world. All affiliates that join from Sept 2019 till Dec 2019 will have their 2020 affilate membership renewed at NO CHARGE. I want to have affilation membership on a calendar year cycle. 2020

INDIA Affiliation has opened 2019

Affiliations are now being accepted in INDIA Email For all affiliation information Funakoshi Karate INDIA / FSKA-World

Funakoshi Karate on Facebook

Fastest way to contact Funakoshi Karate FACEBOOK PAGE Click Here

Funakoshi Karate World Seminar Tour 2019

Update March 3, 2019 :  January USA-Houston Jan 26  Contact: February Italy Feb. 16 & 17 seminar information at Facebook events: USA – North Carolina Feb 26 & 27 March Portugal March 16 & 17 seminar information at Facebook events:

Welcome to FSKA World.

We’re hard at work behind the scenes perfecting our site. For inquiries on FSKA World, and for affiliation; email: Thank you!