INDIA Affiliation has opened 2019

Affiliations are now being accepted in INDIA

For all affiliation information Funakoshi Karate INDIA / FSKA-World

Contact Manish Jaldi +919833550111

For all affiliation information Funakoshi Karate INDIA / FSKA-World

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Funakoshi Karate World Seminar Tour 2019

Update March 3, 2019 :

  •  January

USA-Houston Jan 26  Contact:

  • February

Italy Feb. 16 & 17 seminar information at Facebook events:
USA – North Carolina Feb 26 & 27

  • March

Portugal March 16 & 17 seminar information at Facebook events:
Ukraine March 23 & 24 seminar information at Facebook events:

  • April

USA– Texas April 6
Uruguay April 27 seminar information at Facebook events:

  • May

USA Houston, Texas Headquarters: Instructors course and Dan Exams

  • USA, TEXAS Funakoshi Karate League BK-1
  • June
  • June 29 ,2019 Portugal Seminar/Exams/New Affiliation evaluation.

USA Houston, Texas Headquarters: Competition Team Trials and Seminar: 

  • USA, TEXAS Funakoshi Karate League BK-2
  • July Switzerland

England FSKA World championships & Seminar Dec 12,13,14 & 15 information at Facebook events:

March 2, 2019 Funakoshi Karate GRAND OPENING

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